Seasonal Pool Schedule

The following is an overview of the events which will take place at your facility from the pre-season through winterization:

  1. Reconnect your fresh water and filter system
  2. Schedule your drain & clean
  3. Drain & clean your pool
  4. Inspect and advise for repairs and give cost estimates
  5. Complete repairs upon obtaining proper authorization
  6. Electrical, Fire Department/Hazmat and Health Department inspections as required by city, county and or state regulations
  7. Staff hiring & training (ONGOING)
  8. System start-up and preparations for pre-opening inspection
  9. Meet Regional Manager and Area Supervisor
  10. Pool opens Memorial Day weekend
  11. Supervisor visits pool at least 3 times per week
  12. Recommended repair list completed
  13. Pool closes Labor Day or other scheduled time
  14. Winterize pool

The recommended repair list lets you know what work needs to be completed at your pool. Some of the work listed is required by the health department, and other work is our recommendation. Please review this list carefully. Some of the repairs can save you money in the long run.

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