Day to Day Operations

Manager Weekly Inspections
In addition to your Supervisor inspections, every week your pool manager will perform an inspection of all pool equipment and perform lifeguarding reviews to keep the complete staff of lifeguards well trained. This is done to keep your pool environment safe and bring to our attention any potential hazards.

Log Sheets
There is an hourly record kept of water quality, filter flow rate, water pressure, bather load and associated information. This is important information for the health department to ensure the health and safety of all swimmers.

Inclement Weather
Our lifeguards are required to report to work for the day regardless of the weather conditions. In this area rain and clouds can clear very quickly. We do not allow swimmers in the water during (and up to one half hour after) thunder or lightning storms. Our lifeguards are not to close the pool for the day without approval from our office or the Supervisor. We also check with you before closing the pool whenever possible.

Problem Solving
Please let your Regional Manager and your Supervisor know of any special requests or concerns you may have. Your Supervisor is your first and most important link to handling your problems. If you need to get in touch with your Supervisor, call our office. We will log your call and page your Supervisor for you. If your Supervisor does not respond to your satisfaction, please contact the appropriate Regional Manager through the WPM office.

Our office telephones are answered 24 hours a day by either our office staff during operational hours or by an answering service after business hours. Additionally, we post our company phone number at all swimming facilities so that any pool patron may speak with a WPM customer service representative to make any comments, compliments, or complaints.

We cannot promise you will never have a problem; however, we can promise to solve your problems as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction.


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