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All of our lifeguards are personally interviewed prior to becoming a part of the WPM team. We let our guards know what is expected of them before they are hired. The key to having outstanding guards is the quality of the training and supervision they receive. We have an orientation session for our guards and ongoing training throughout the summer. We have a lifeguard newsletter called "Aqua News" that is distributed bi-weekly to cover topics of particular concern. Every guard is given an employment orientation package which provides information about WPM. Special emphasis is placed on our expectations about communication and customer service. All of our guards are required to be in uniform, allowing them to be easily identified.

In order to keep our guards working hard we have several motivational projects. WPM has a mid-season break called "Lifeguard Olympics". Every Supervisor has a team that competes in fun swimming and lifeguard skill games. There are many prizes given out for different events and the overall winning teams are special awards. Our Supervisors also periodically give out prizes for their pool that is the cleanest or has the best customer service. Programs such as these keep our guard return rate high, as well as promoting professionalism and positive attitudes.

WPM Supervisors are the best in the industry because, unlike most of our competition, our supervisors’ compensation depends on how well they please our clients (see below). We have designed our Supervisor program to facilitate the best possible customer service for our clients. Our Supervisors are fully certified lifeguards and pool operators for the jurisdictions in which they work. This is an advantage because a Supervisor can open and operate your pool in the absence of a lifeguard. Not all pool companies operate in this way.

Every Supervisor is equipped with a cellular telephone with direct-connect capabilities. Our office can reach them at any time. All phone calls will be handled through the office so that they may be tracked by our message tracking program and handled properly. All messages will be dispatched to all supervisors accordingly. It is the Supervisor’s responsibility to keep clients informed of the weekly happenings at their pools by visiting each facility and completing Supervisor Check Sheets at least three times per week. Each client should share any appropriate comments with the Supervisor when reviewing and signing these Check Sheets.

The Supervisor Compensation Program has a tremendous impact on why our Supervisors respond so readily and completely to the clients’ needs. As a Supervisor, you would be paid on an incentive basis. The bulk of a supervisor’s paycheck is based on how well he or she responds to the needs of the client. Some of the categories in which the Supervisors are rated are as follows:
  • Guards maintain a professional appearance and are in uniform.
  • Pool passes all Health Department inspections.
  • Timely opening and closing (rain closing excluded).
  • Response time.
  • Overall facility cleanliness.
  • Supervisor personally must open at least one pool every day.
  • Ensure all lifeguard staff is fully certified at all times.
  • They respond to any problems to the client’s satisfaction.
This incentive program keeps our Supervisors focused on the client’s needs and encourages them to do an outstanding job for our valued customers. Our belief is in Total Customer Satisfaction!

We have established a successful international staffing program which began in the summer of 2001, to further increase the level of service to our customers. Our program allows us to bring students on either J-1 or H-2B visas. All applicants must apply and qualify for the visa programs as well as possess the physical ability and knowledge to take and pass the lifeguard training class (which includes lifeguard training, first aid and CPR) upon their arrival in the United States. Applicants usually arrive prior to June 1st and leave after the season has ended in late September.

This program fulfills two needs: international guards are here to work in the difficult staffing times of May and August, when many American students are not out of school yet or need to be back prior to Memorial Day; due to the increased competition in the industry, as well as the shrinking labor pool, retaining guards has become increasingly difficult – international lifeguards have become essential to keeping pools staffed.

Should you be interested in learning more about this program, please contact our Director of International Staffing.

Market Researcher
Analyze data from marketing reports and execute recommendations based on the analysis; Strategize market projects, find new customers & manage steady customer base for business & keep customer relations; Create promotions to attract domestic lifeguards; Target potential hires & customers; Conduct data analysis on the company, its products & services, using pool operator expertise; Execute complex data reports & turn them into actionable recommendations; Monitor marketing trends across the industry & keep up to date marketing technologies. Bachelor’s in Marketing, Business Administration, or related. Pool Operator Certificate Required.

Training Specialist
Oversee Lifeguard and Pool Operator training. Create employee safety procedures. Develop, evaluate and update employee performance goals and policies. Conduct in season recap test and trainings. Track and maintain records of employee performance/ assess efficacy of training and safety procedures. Bachelor’s in Physical Education, Health, or related. Pool Operator, Lifesaving/CPR/First Aid/AED by Red Cross certificates required.

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