What is Professional Pool Management?

Professional Pool Management is the responsibility of the daily operation of your aquatic facility in the competent hands of a company experienced in such a highly specialized field that affords minimal margin for error. First and foremost is insuring the safety of all pool patrons. Additional benefits are performing preventive maintenance on equipment and balancing water chemistry, both of which are essential in prolonging the life of the pool, which in turn, protects your investment.

Why select Winkler Pool Management, Inc.?

WPM essentially invented the concept of Professional Swimming Pool Management, and we have worked tirelessly to perfect this concept since our founding in 1954. Swimming pool technology, the liability issues regarding public pool operations, general understanding of pool water chemistry and sanitation, state and municipal operational codes and numerous related issues and concepts have evolved constantly since WPM’s early days, and we have stayed at the forefront of this evolution.

Is it more cost effective to have WPM run my pool, or should I self-manage?

While maintaining our knowledge of the mechanical, technological and legal aspects of this industry, we have also refined and optimized the efficiency of Pool Management from a business perspective. WPM’s management team experienced in getting a pool into compliance with the appropriate county/municipal health department codes, obtaining the requisite permits, maintaining the facility so that it will pass health and safety inspections, all while your clients and/or community members enjoy a clean and safe swimming experience. WPM provides services while protecting your bottom line with liability coverage all for a reasonable cost, usually substantially below that of our competition. It really does make more fiscal sense to let a professional, time-tested team do the work while you relax and reap the benefits.

Submit a Request for a Pool Management Quote

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